Blue-tongue Lizard & Short-beaked Echidna

From "Manning Wild" exhibition, Manning Regional Gallery 2014

Blue-tongue Lizard – Tiliqua scincoides
Short-beaked Echidna – Tachyglossus aculeatus

 This painting features two of my favourite animals that I occasionally encounter in the bush surrounding my property.
Echidnas are rarely seen as they are mostly active at night, however their presence can be detected by looking for evidence of where they have been digging – most commonly an excavation under a fallen log with a sideways scraping of soil.
The curious thing about Blue-tongue Lizards is that they utilise a form of mimicry to protect them from predation. When threatened they will flatten their body, curl around and open their mouth to expose their broad blue tongue. The effect can be quite alarming, especially when realising that they are in emulation of a Death Adder!

From the exhibition “Manning Wild”,   Manning Regional Gallery 2014

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